Americans spend $28+ billion annually on lawn maintenance. Planting Earth Turf not only alleviates the financial costs of traditional lawn care, but minimizes environmental costs too.

Initial Costs
Earth Turf is planted just like a traditional lawn, so ground preparation and installation costs are equal. Earth Turf seed costs about $30 more than generic lawn seed for a 1000sf lawn, but by not having to install in-ground irrigation system, you can save thousands of dollars.

Annual Costs
Traditional lawns need about an inch of water per week, which is over 30,000 gallons per year for a 1000sf lawn. Fertilizer and weed control chemicals will run about $50 per year. Thatching and aeration is prescribed every two years for traditional lawns, while an Earth Turf Lawn can go without it.

Mowing requirements vary by geographic location and personal preference, but an average manicured traditional lawn receives 25-35 mows per year while an Earth Turf lawn can have less than 10. Or follow Google’s approach and eliminate lawnmowers altogether.

Environmental Costs
Traditional lawn maintenance wastes thousands of gallons of clean water for irrigation. Appearance improving synthetic fertilizer is derived straight from fossil fuels and can seep into ground water to cause algae blooms and ocean dead zones.

Unquantifiable Costs
With Earth Turf, you will never have children and pets playing on a fresh application of Weed & Feed. And with reduced maintenance, Earth Turf gives you more time for things more important than lawn care.

In short, self fertilizing Earth Turf saves you hundreds of dollars per year in maintenance, relieves a traditional lawn’s toll on the environment, does not expose your family to chemicals and saves many hours of work.