The new Husqvarna AutoMower Solar Hybrid is the world’s first robotic lawn mower powered by the sun. Paired with a low maintenance Earth Turf eco lawn, one can truly have a zero maintenance lawn.

autonomous lawn mower

The mower can handle large areas – up to 23,000sf (0.65 acre) and is equipped with an 18V NiMH battery. A wire staked beneath grass level around the lawn perimeter keeps the Automower in the mowing area.

Similar to popular Roomba vacuum cleaners, if the machine bumps into an obstacle, it reverses and heads in a different direction. And if power is low, the Automower returns to its base for recharging. The 22 pound mower also features a 4 digit pin code and a security alarm in case the neighbors decide they want to swipe it.

Earth Turf lawn seed, needing no fertilizer or chemicals and little or no irrigated water, is the perfect companion for this autonomous mower. Homeowners can now have a beautiful and naturally green lawn that stays perfectly cut – with no time and effort and no harm to the environment that wasteful traditional lawns have.

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Innovation comes at a price though, as the Automower goes for $2999.95.