Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Earth Turf grow?

Earth Turf grows very well throughout the middle and northern United States.  It will also grow successfully in more southern areas like Southern California, Texas, and Florida too - but will need some irrigation in the hotter/drier part of the year.

When should I plant Earth Turf?

Earth Turf will establish best when soil temperatures get above 50 degrees. So late winter or early fall through August in the northern US and until September in southern regions. Mild climates like the San Fransisco can be planted year round. If planting during hot summer months, be sure to keep the soil moist during germination - this may require watering twice per day for the first two weeks.

How long does shipping take?

We ship within 48 hours from our warehouse. Standard ground shipping takes 3-5 days. Expedited is 2-day shipping. 

Should I fertilize with synthetic fertilizer?

No, thats the MicroClover’s job! Applying the synthetic fertilizer will actually do more harm than good as it makes the grass out compete the MicroClover and can cause the MicroClover to release less natural nitrogen. Applying some slow acting organic fertilizer (manure, guano, bloodmeal, etc.) can be applied once or twice per year.

Weeds have sprouted up in my new lawn, where did they come from?
It is rare to have a piece of land without any foreign seeds. Weed seeds can be blown in by the wind, dropped by birds, already in the top soil, etc. For a new lawn just coming in, pick them out by hand if desired. Do not spray a weed killer because it will probably kill the MicroClover too. Earth Turf is shipped 0.00% weed free.

Do you ship to Canada?
Not currently.

Should I remove grass clippings or leave them for mulch?
Its up to personal preference. The grass clippings will leave good nutrients as they decompose, but some people find it unsightly.

How high should I mow Earth Turf?
That is up to personal preference. Earth Turf can be mowed anywhere from a low 1" up to 4".

How much water does Earth Turf need?
In climates that recieve over 35 inches of rain per year – like Portland, Minneapolis, and Boston – Earth Turf does not need extra water. Drier climates – like San Fransisco and Denver may need a few good soakings around the summer months, but it is not required. In the height of summer, the grasses in Earth Turf will tend to go dormant while the MicroClover continues to stay green – so it looks much greener than surrounding lawns.

Will Earth Turf grow where I couldn’t get a lawn to grow before?
Probably not. If the soil had poor drainage or other problems that prevented turf to grow before, Earth Turf will not help. If its a poor drainage or compaction issue, aerating the area and/or adding new topsoil may help.

Why is the MicroClover dominating the grasses?
MicroClover dominates only when conditions exist that are unfavorable for grass growth, such as compaction and poor soil aeration. Go over the area with a core aerator and, optionally, backfill the aeration holes with sand.

Why didn’t Earth Turf establish everywhere when overseeded?
The Earth Turf is competing with established grasses, so occasionally it doesn’t establish everywhere. Ensure that you removed enough thatch so you see mostly dirt when standing over it. Rake those areas up and overseed. Water for the first two weeks to ensure good germination.

Is Earth Turf genetically modified?
Nothing in Earth Turf is genetically modified.

Does Earth Turf work in clay soils?
Yes, Earth Turf will establish in clay soils. Be sure to keep it moist during the germination period because clay soils have a tendancy to dry out quickly.

Will Earth Turf work in sandy soils?
Earth Turf will work in high sand content soils. If it is all sand soil, like near the beach, we recommend spreading a few inches of top soil first.

Can I store Earth Turf seed for the following year
Yes, just be sure to keep it sealed from moisture.

Is it possible to remove the MicroClover from the lawn if I don’t like it?
Yes. It can be sprayed out easily with any clover specific or broad leaf lawn weed killer.

Can I sell MicroClover in my store?
Yes. Please call or email us.


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