Earth Turf | Photo Gallery

A thick EarthTurf lawn in the spring.

EarthTurf is great for pets and resists urine spots.

Earth Turf depth of field
An Earth Turf lawn close up on a sunny day.

Earth Turf close up
A newly planted Earth Turf lawn. The young MicroClover can be seen within the turfgrasses.

Earth Turf Drought Trials
Earth Turf trial plots showing their ability to stay greener than the surrounding grass during drought conditions.

Earth Turf Fall Trial
A fall turf trial with Earth Turf (denoted with asterisks) coming in dense and greener than the competing turf mixtures.

Earth Turf Golf Course Overseed
Not hard to tell where this golf course was overseeded with Earth Turf.

Honda business park landscaped with Earth Turf. It was seeded about 2 months prior.


  • Earth Turf
    Earth Turf

    The best eco-friendly lawn mix for new lawns. EarthTurf combines a variety of the best performing low-maintenance...

  • Earth Turf Overseed
    Earth Turf Overseed

      Transforms your existing lawn to a self fertilizing and eco-friendly Earth Turf lawn. Earth Turf...

  • Earth Turf Shade
    Earth Turf Shade

    Special shade tolerant turfgrasses and revolutionary MicroClover make this the perfect mix for sustainable shady areas....

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