How Earth Turf Works

clover size comparison

Earth Turf combines many different low-maintenance turfgrasses with revolutionary MicroClover (Trifolium repens L. var. Pirouette) to create an attractive and low maintenance, fertilizer and chemical free lawn.

MicroClover is nitrogen fixating – naturally taking nitrogen from the air and slowly depositing it into the soil to fertilize the lawn.

Developed in Denmark, MicroClover is a fraction the size of traditional clover varieties, grows low and spreads evenly around the grasses for a subtle and attractive appearance – unlike common clover varieties that clump together and look like weeds in a lawn.

Earth Turf nitrogen fixation diagram

Sustainable Turfgrasses

The turfgrasses in all Earth Turf mixes have high drought tolerance, exceptional appearance, and fast establishment times.

They include patented varieties of creeping red fescue, hard fescue, sheep’s fescue, chewings fescue, dwarf perennial ryegrass and smooth stalked meadow grass. The creeping red fescues in Earth Turf Shade does particularly well in lesser light conditions.

Continued Improvement

Our seed blends are the result of ongoing side-by-side performance testing in different geographical regions. New mixes will be added and current blends are likely to change as better, more sustainable grasses and mixes are discovered.

The Result

Earth Turf trial grass plots during drought

Earth Turf outperforms other turf lawns under low maintenance, fertilizer free conditions.

It creates a healthy turf stand that stays greener in drought conditions, stands up well to traffic and negates the need for chemicals.

Earth Turf allows you to have a good looking natural lawn without the work, expense, and negative ecological effects of high maintenance traditional lawns.

Did you know?

  • Before herbicides came into common use in the 1950s, white clover was a common, natural and desired component of temperate region turf lawns.
  • Farmers today routinely add clover in their forage fields to improve growth and protein levels.
  • Organic farmers often rotate their crops with clover and other nitrogen fixing legumes to naturally fertilize their land.


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