Our Guarantee

Through continual testing and improvement, we work hard to ensure our lawn seed is the most sustainable and attractive you can buy. Our seed is certified 0.00% weed free.

We want you to feel that you can really rely on it – so we guarantee:

If you are not happy with our seed, we will replace it at our expense. If you are still not happy we will refund your purchase.

We doubt you will need to use this guarantee, but if you do have a problem, we need to know about it so we can make improvements.

Our planting instructions are here and we can’t reiterate it enough that the most important step to successful establishment is to keep your seed bed moist for the first 14 days of germination. 

Please don’t hold extreme weather, neglect, unforeseeable acts of nature, or ignoring our planting recommendations against us.


Thank you!


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    Earth Turf

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    Earth Turf Overseed

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    Earth Turf Shade

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