A Chemical Reaction documents the Canadien town of Hudson’s hard fought battle to ban the use of all chemical pesticides and herbicides.

A Chemical reaction movie poster

The most powerful chemical companies in North America put their full legal weight on the tiny town and eventually the case made it to the Supreme Court.

The town’s right to protect its citizens was upheld, and — like a row of dominos — other municipalities followed suit. The movement spread so far and wide that the entire province of Quebec enacted a ban and Home Depot stopped putting the dangerous pesticide products on their shelves.

The movie also features Paul Tukey who, after becoming seriously ill from applying chemical lawn products in his own lawn care business, has became a leading advocate for alternatives to chemical lawn care. The organization he started, safelawns.org, leads the push for environmental lawn care in North America. We also highly recommend his book, The Organic Lawn Care Manual – get a signed copy here. His blog is frequently updated too.

A Chemical Reaction was produced by PFZ Media and they are looking for donations to help finish the film and spread the word.

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