A delicious benefit from a chemical free lawn – organic clover herbal tea.

Pour a cup of near boiling water over a 1/4 cup of rinsed fresh clover flowers, or 2 teaspoons of dried, and let steep for 5 minutes. Strain and enjoy. You can sweeten with honey or fresh lemon juice.

While we make no claims about clover’s remedial abilities (and are skeptical), it has long been used for helping to cure coughs, clear sinuses, bronchitis, pre-menstrual syndrome, an anti-inflammatory, helps with arthritis and gout, and as an anti-cancer treatment. It is applied topically to treat psoriasis. Not recommended with anyone pregnant as it has high levels of phytoestrogens which may affect estrogen levels.

The whole clover plant is actually edible and high in protein. Young clover leaves are good in a salad and roots and older leaves can be boiled to remove bitterness. Flour can be made with dried, ground flower buds. Dried clover leaves can impart a vanilla flavor if mixed into cake and baked goods.

We hear dandelions are delicious too. Seems what many people call weeds are the most beneficial parts of a lawn.