Earth Turf

Note: We are currently sold out of 25 & 50 lb quantities, very high demand.

The best eco-friendly lawn mix for new lawns.

EarthTurf combines a variety of the best performing low-maintenance turfgrasses with revolutionary MicroClover (Trifolium repens L. var. Pirouette), which together makes Earth Turf look green and attractive without fertilizer, chemicals, or tons of water.

The hardy varieties of fescues and perennial ryegrass in the mix have high drought tolerance, exceptional color, low growing height, and quick establishment time.

The MicroClover in the mix is a fraction the size of common clovers and grows low and blends evenly with grasses for a uniform and attractive appearance. It is naturally nitrogen fixating and continually fertilizes the soil. MicroClover can stay green during droughts when even the hardiest grasses cannot and its highly resistant to pet urine.

The grasses tend to standout more in the fall and spring, while the hardy MicroClover produces more of the green in the summer and winter.

Perfect for sustainable home lawns, parks, golf courses, roadsides, LEED rated developments, greenways, and low maintenance sports fields.


Earth Turf works in both high clay and sandy soils and does well in full sun to some shade. For highly shaded areas, use the Earth Turf Shade mix.

The seed rate is 7-10 lbs per 1000 sq ft. It will sprout in about 5 days and you can walk on it the next month.

This mix is the result of years of testing hundreds of different seed combinations and we have found no other that looks as green and healthy under low maintenance care.


  • Earth Turf
    Earth Turf

    Note: We are currently sold out of 25 & 50 lb quantities, very high demand. The...

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    Earth Turf Shade

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