About Us

We work to create the most sustainable and low maintenance lawn seed available.

Our Earth Turf seed blends are the result of ongoing side-by-side performance testing to develop the best looking lawns under eco-friendly care – no fertilizer or chemicals and minimal irrigated water and mowing. New mixes will be added and current blends are likely to change as better, more sustainable grasses and mixes are discovered.

We are based in Portland, Oregon in the Willamette Valley – “Grass Seed Capital of The World” – where most of the world’s grass seed is grown.

Portland is often recognized as the greenest city in the US and, happily, has the most microbreweries per capita and some of the best coffee too.


  • Earth Turf
    Earth Turf

    The best eco-friendly lawn mix for new lawns. EarthTurf combines a variety of the best performing low-maintenance...

  • Earth Turf Overseed
    Earth Turf Overseed

      Transforms your existing lawn to a self fertilizing and eco-friendly Earth Turf lawn. Earth Turf...

  • Earth Turf Shade
    Earth Turf Shade

    Special shade tolerant turfgrasses and revolutionary MicroClover make this the perfect mix for sustainable shady areas....

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