Organic Lawn Care Tips

Embrace a Non Perfect Lawn

The most important step is to change your mindset. A flawless, bright green, closely cropped lawn is artificial – not something you would see in nature. And attaining this perfect lawn takes a lot of fertilizer and chemicals, tons of water and frequent mowing.

Leave The Grass Clippings

They will naturally breakdown and add nutrients to the lawn.

If You Water, Do It Less Often, But Soak Deep

Your lawn will not work harder than it has too. If you water often, the roots will only grow a few inches deep. Watering less often, but soak the soil deep, the roots will be encouraged to grow deep, where more water can be absorbed. Plus, there will be less evaporation.

Make your own organic weed killer

Pour a little soap in a bottle of vinegar and voilà – organic weed killer. For weeds growing from sidewalk cracks, boiling water will do the job.

Mow Taller

Taller grass tends to prevent weeds from growing.

Plant Earth Turf!



  • Earth Turf
    Earth Turf

    The best eco-friendly lawn mix for new lawns. EarthTurf combines a variety of the best performing low-maintenance...

  • Earth Turf Overseed
    Earth Turf Overseed

      Transforms your existing lawn to a self fertilizing and eco-friendly Earth Turf lawn. Earth Turf...

  • Earth Turf Shade
    Earth Turf Shade

    Special shade tolerant turfgrasses and revolutionary MicroClover make this the perfect mix for sustainable shady areas....

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